Vineyard CRM and marketing automation

Secure your accounts, steer your activities closer to your customers and help your customers at the right time on the right topic.

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Find the right solution for your situation and needs

From Vineyard solution packages you will find the right sales and marketing tools from customer relationship management to anticipating customer needs.

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Ensure the legality of your personal data processing

Our servers are located in Finland. For our customers with operations in Russia, we have also opened a server in St. Petersburg. With our service you ensure operating according to the personal data laws in Finland, within the European Union and in the Russian Federation.

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What are visitors really doing on your website?

All leads are not created equal. Marketing automation lead scoring tells you whether the customer you are seeking is hot as a heater or as cold as a VW Beetle on the North Pole.

Step by step closer to customers and better sales

Nordic Waterproofing

Nordic Waterproofing was faced with ERP’s inadequacy for customer relationship and marketing management and started using Vineyard CRM. Read the whole story about when ERP is not enough...


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Field sales, accounts, routing

In Atoy's large retail organization they use Vineyard CRM to efficiently and conveniently manage their e-communications and the event participant coordination. Read more...


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