What are visitors really doing on your website?

All leads are not created equal. The lead score meter tells you whether the customer you are seeking is hot as a heater or as cold as a VW Beetle on the North Pole.

Choose the right solution for your situation and needs

From Vineyard solution packages you will find the right sales and marketing tools starting from customer relationship basics up to customer foresight.

Step by step closer to customers and better sales

Tacit Knowledge

The sales people in Oras plan, prioritize and report their customer meetings by benefiting Vineyard CRM. This generates key figures to be used by both sales person and organization. Read more...


Online Demo

Field sales, accounts, routing

In Atoy's large retail organization they use Vineyard CRM to efficiently and conveniently manage their e-communications and the event participant coordination. Read more...


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  • Five steps to a stronger future
    For most of us, the freezing summer holidays are behind us and everyday work has taken over our lives. Many working in sales and with customers seem to be struggling with that everyday work life. Batteries and brains charged during summer holidays rebel against old habits and tools, and often…

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