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With Vineyard service you secure your customer accounts, steer closer to the customer and predict your customers future needs.

Information in Vineyard CRM have no best before date - it's always best at now

Tacit Knowledge

The sales people in Oras plan, prioritize and report their customer meetings by benefiting Vineyard CRM. This generates key figures to be used by both sales person and organization. Read more...


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Field sales, accounts, routing

In Atoy's large retail organization they use Vineyard CRM to efficiently and conveniently manage their e-communications and the event participant coordination. Read more...


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  • Weeds or rosebuds?
    Marketing messages , those lush green weeds in mailboxes, are necessary evils of the 2010s work life. One wants to sell revolutionary smartphone application, the second offers Excel courses and third one bags full of Nigerian currency. There is nothing wrong with those messages if you happen to need apps,…

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